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For anyone who has ever hosted clients on a rail route across British Columbia or Alberta, luxury rail-tour company Rocky Mountaineer is a name that will see a few ears perk up.

Photo credit: Rocky Mountaineer

But did you know Rocky Mountaineer offers two levels of impeccable service, each with engaging hosts, delectable food, and all the comforts a luxury rail-tour ought to have?

Here’s all you need to know about Goldleaf and Silverleaf services.

Goldleaf Service

Get ready to toast to lifelong friends/Rocky Mountaineer

In this service, your clients can indulge their senses with gourmet meals prepared by executive chefs, and expansive views enjoyed at the height of luxury.

Your clients will also have the chance to stretch their legs and their viewing angles, courtesy of Rocky Mountaineer’s bi-level glass-dome coaches on the upper level, or enjoy gourmet meals in the lower-level dining area.

The coach is also fitted with an exclusive outdoor viewing platform, allowing guests to get closer to the breathtaking views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Silverleaf Service

Delicious meals, like this exceptional dessert, come as standard in Silverleaf/Rocky Mountaineer

While in Silverleaf, your clients can expect panoramic views, delicious meals and beverages brought right to their seats, friendly hosts, alongside complimentary baggage transfers.

Rocky Mountaineer’s custom-designed glass-dome coaches provide a truly panoramic view of the Canadian Rocky Mountains – some regions of which are only accessible by train. With oversized windows, your clients will have a clean, crisp view of their surroundings, ideal for photography, or rolling panoramic views enjoyed from the comfort of their reclining chairs.

Likewise, Silverleaf is also fitted with an exclusive outdoor viewing platform, allowing your clients to take in amazing views.

Enjoy breathtaking views with the people that matter most/Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer is also inviting agents to learn more about its product through its exclusive online training program, TRACKS.

By completing the program, agents will become a ‘Rocky Mountaineer Specialist’ and receive access to exclusive agent benefits.