August 18, 2021

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Azamara has announced the launch of its Europe 2023 deployment across its full fleet of ships: the Azamara Pursuit, Azamara Quest, Azamara Journey and new addition, the Azamara Onward.

With 95 itineraries, Azamara said that it will visit over 40 countries and 200 ports throughout Europe.

Seven of these European ports are new to the cruise line:

  • Alta, Norway
  • Brest, France
  • Cesme, Turkey
  • Fredericia, Denmark
  • Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Heimaey, Iceland
  • Mariehamn, Finland

Azamara said that these smaller, unique ports are only accessible to smaller ships.

“The 2023 deployment marks a milestone for our brand and its unique offerings in Europe,” said Azamara President, Carol Cabezas. “When sailing with Azamara, we are often the only ship in port, and with 75 overnights we are giving guests the chance to follow in the footsteps of locals with fewer crowds while immersing in the culture, history, and authentic flavors of the destination.”

Other European ports for 2023 include Mykonos, Lisbon, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Rome, Livorno, Marseille, Menorca, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza and Monte Carlo.

Azamara’s 2023 deployment will feature over 35 country-intensive voyages. These country-intensive itineraries will explore the most sought-after destinations in Europe, including Spain, Croatia, Italy, Norway, Scotland and more, allowing travelers to fully immerse themselves into the culture of each city.

Azamara will also debut its Black Sea Intensive itinerary, where travelers can explore the history and wonders of ancient cities in Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine.

In addition to the release of Europe 2023 itineraries, Azamara said that it has also opened the remaining 2022 voyages of the newest member of its fleet, the Azamara Onward.