Silversea Showcases 2019-2020 Expeditions to Arctic, Antarctica

By    James Shillinglaw,  Nov 16, 2018

With 2018 marking 10 years of luxury expedition cruising for Silversea, the cruise line is taking the opportunity to highlight an array of new polar expedition itineraries for summer 2019 and winter 2019-2020. These voyages will enable guests to travel deeper into both Polar Regions, in ultimate comfort, as they journey closer to the authentic beauty of the world.

Arctic: In 2019, Silver Cloud and Silver Explorer will provide opportunities for guests to witness destination-specific wildlife, unspoiled landscapes and rarely seen cultures on 11 itineraries. Among the highlights are: The rarely visited volcanic island of Jan Mayen, a haven for humpback and minke whales who feed in its waters, is among the attractions of two 14-day Silver Cloud voyages, departing June 18 and July 22. The first sails from Reykjavik to Tromsø, while the second follows the reverse course of the former. Both voyages explore a host of bucket-list destinations in Iceland and Svalbard, Norway.

Isolated Bear Island in the Svalbard archipelago, a nature reserve of steep cliffs and some of the largest bird colonies in the Northern Hemisphere, offers opportunities for guests to spot puffins, guillemots, blacklegged kittiwakes and other seabirds. A pair of 10-day voyages aboard Silver Cloud, departing July 2 and 12, will incorporate stops in this destination as they focus on Norway’s Svalbard region, with its fjords and glaciers.

A circumnavigation of Iceland will reveal a spectrum of natural wonders. Visiting the geological playground around Lake Mývat, a glacial lagoon and recent volcanic eruptions, Silver Cloud departs Reykjavik on Aug. 5 on a nine-day round-trip exploration of this island nation.

Silversea also will feature its first crossing of the Northeast Passage, a legendary sea route through the Arctic Circle, along the coastline of Asia and Europe. The voyage departs Aug.10 from Nome for a 25-day journey to Tromsø aboard Silver Explorer. This itinerary encompasses the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Wrangel Island, where polar bears and walrus roam and migratory birds nest; Champ Island, known for its otherworldly landscape; Tikhaya Bay’s Rubini Rock, with its stunning basalt columns; the archipelago of Severnaya Zemlya, famous for its impressive fjords and majestic glaciers; and the northernmost archipelago in the arctic, Franz Josef Land, with its historically important sites.

The route of the Norse in their explorations of Greenland will be traced by a pair of expeditions: Silver Cloud’s 12-day voyage between Reykjavik and Kangerlussuaq will depart Aug. 14, while Silver Explorer’s 15-day sailing from Reykjavik to St. John’s will depart Sept. 20. These history-focused itineraries also offer opportunities to spot whales, see glaciers and dramatic landscapes.

Explorer John Franklin’s ill-fated search for the Northwest Passage is at the heart of Silver Cloud’s Aug. 26 round-trip sailing from Kangerlussuaq. This 16-day Explorer’s Collection voyage is designed for history buffs with an interest in the great age of polar exploration, as well as those who appreciate untouched scenery, majestic fjords and exceptional wildlife.

The world’s longest fjord, Scoresby Sund, is among the highlights of Silver Explorer’s Sept. 5 expedition from Tromsø to Reykjavik. The 15-day adventure weaves together the glacial treasures of the Svalbard Archipelago with the delights of isolated East Greenland.

The possibility of witnessing the Northern Lights is offered aboard Silver Cloud’s sailing from Kangerlussuaq to Quebec, departing Sept. 11. The 14-day journey is timed to optimize guests’ chances of glimpsing this celestial phenomenon, along with other wonders of nature.

An exclusive Arctic air promotion is now available with bookings through Nov. 30, 2018. The savings program includes free economy round-trip air, or reduced business-class air, for flights from select U.S. and Canadian gateways, plus free transfers between airport and ship.

Antarctica: Silver Cloud and Silver Explorer will explore Antarctica, with 14 inspired itineraries sailing mostly from December 2019 through February 2020. Each is designed to optimize the chance for up-close encounters with seals, penguins and whales emerging from the frigid waters of this untouched paradise. Following is a snapshot of the highlights:

Three new extended 12-day voyages to Antarctica will be operated on Silver Explorer. With departures on Dec. 5, Jan. 4 and Feb. 21, the ship will sail round-trip from Ushuaia for Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands.

A new 16-day sailing from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia kicks off Silver Cloud’s Antarctic season early, departing on Nov. 24, 2019. The ship will visit Puerto Madryn, the Falkland Islands, Elephant Island, Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands.

Five 10-day Antarctic explorations sailing round-trip from Ushuaia, will be offered aboard Silver Cloud, with departures on Dec. 10, Jan. 19 and 29, and Feb. 8 and 18. Destinations include the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands.

Both Christmas and the New Year can be celebrated amid the Earth’s ultimate winter wonderland on Silver Explorer’s 18-day voyage to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and more, sailing round-trip from Ushuaia on Dec. 17, while Silver Cloud’s shorter 15-day holiday sailing to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, and more, departs Dec. 20.

The Falkland Islands and South Georgia will be the highlight of an 18-day voyage to Antarctica aboard Silver Explorer, sailing round-trip from Ushuaia on Feb. 3. Silver Cloud’s 15-day round-trip voyage to Antarctica from Ushuaia will depart Jan. 4 and will also feature a call in South Georgia.

An all-inclusive Antarctica package is now available on new bookings through Nov. 30, 2018. The program includes free economy round-trip air or business-class air upgrade for $1,499 each way for flights from select U.S. and Canadian gateways; free economy round-trip air between Buenos Aires/Santiago and Ushuaia; free one-night, pre-cruise hotel stay; and free transfers between airport, hotel and ship.

“We’re shining a light on a selection of polar voyages that are carefully designed to deliver meaningful travel experiences that both thrill and inspire,” said Conrad Combrink, Silversea’s senior vice president of strategic development for Expeditions and Experiences. “These adventures are perfect for the inquisitive traveler who appreciates getting closer to nature and uncovering a destination’s raw beauty, intriguing wildlife and hidden cultural treasures.”

Specialist experts lead  shore excursion for guests from each of Silversea’s expedition ships. These professionals offer informative lectures, discussions and recaps on board, in addition to guiding Zodiac explorations and leading hikes and nature walks ashore, all of which are included in the price.

Aboard Silver Cloud and Silver Explorer, guests can enjoy ocean-view suites, gourmet cuisine, the personalized service of a butler, and a generous selection of all-inclusive shipboard amenities, including complimentary beverages, wines and spirits served throughout the ship, a stocked in-suite beverage cabinet, and unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi.

For a full list of Silversea’s voyages to Antarctica, click on Silversea Antarctica. For a full list of Silversea’s range of voyages to the Arctic and Greenland, click on Silversea Arctic. For more information, call 888-978-4070 or click on Silversea.