May 12, 2022

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Princess Cruises’ Princess Plus package will evolve with Princess Premier, allowing guests to enjoy a more all-inclusive experience for the cost of $75 per day.

“Princess Plus has been extraordinarily successful for us in the last few years,” said John Padgett, president of Princess Cruises.

Previously $40 per day and now heading to $50, Padgett revealed that recently over 50 percent of the passengers were opting into the Princess Plus package.

“The penetration of it is well over 50 percent on our Princess Plus offering,” he said. “If something is working that good, you are doing something right for your guest and consumer, so how can we take that to the next step?”

That has led to Princess Premier, which takes Princess Plus to the next level, said Padgett.

Princess Premiere, at $75 per day per guest, includes the premium beverage package, unlimited internet for four devices, some specialty restaurant dining, digital downloads of photos taken onboard (plus three prints), Princess Prizes, and daily crew gratuities. 

Princess Premier goes on sale beginning May 25