In a world grown too small for the adventurous traveller, expedition cruising is a salve, pushing the geographic boundaries imposed by conventional travel and immersing passengers in the world of exploration and discovery. It’s this yearning that has prompted cruise lines to take their guests to ever more remote destinations. “We’ve seen a huge gain in expedition cruising in the Canadian Arctic,” says Richard Cunningham of One Ocean Expeditions. “The best way to describe cruising in this region is to imagine it as the Canadian equivalent of our own Kimberley [region]. It’s not easy to access, highly seasonal and a ship is really the only way to experience this [landscape] due to lack of land-based options.”

But such remoteness needn’t call for austerity and such is the interest in luxury adventure travel that Crystal Yacht Cruises has rebranded as Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises. “We’ve discovered there are many guests, young and young at heart, who enjoy sports at sea and discovering remote destinations,” says Karen Christensen of Crystal Cruises.


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